Bulkhead mounting coaxial protectors attach through a panel of maximum 1/4" thickness. Device is DC blocked to stop DC continuity and accommodate all equipment types. Handles 50 kA max. surge current. Turn on voltage is a nominal 600V for L series models and 1200V for H series. Device turns on 2.5ns (L series) or 7ns (H series) after reaching DC threshold. Multi-strike capability. Aluminum enclosure and stainless steel hardware. Choose the protector which has the lowest throughput energy for the desired frequency.
Freq. Range 125-1000 MHz
Maximum Power (Watts)
Throughput Energy* 220 uJ
Conn. Equip. Side N Female
Conn. Ant. Side N Female
Maximum Power @ Frequency 125-220@375W 220-700@125W 800-1000@50W

Mfg. Warranty 10 Years

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