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Leaky Feeder
Leaky Feeder Cable - VLFC
• Flame Retardant Inner Sheath
• Rugged construction
• Meets IEC 1196
• Meets EU standard EN50117
• Yellow Outer Sheath
• Optional LO-Smoke Halogen Free
MCA1000 series VLFC Leaky Feeder cable is a MineCom branded proprietary design. It is
manufactured to MineCom’s specification for use with its range of MCA1000 amplifiers and ancillary
devices#. The cable has a radiation pattern of 360 degrees around the cable & can be strapped directly
to a catenary cable, water or air pipe (traditional leaky feeder cables MUST be suspended below the
catenary cable to achieve a reasonable radiation pattern). The standard cable is available in 350m &
500m drums with a YELLOW outer sheath. As an option, the cable can be manufactured to order with a
BLUE outer sheath and is also available with a low smoke, halogen free outer sheath. The MineCom leaky
feeder cable has a foam dielectric, which not only makes the cable more robust, it prevents water from
entering the inner core of the cable. Older air dielectric leaky feeder cables had a ‘hollow tube’ (air
dielectric) which if damaged allowed water to run down the tube, filling up amplifiers, branches etc with
polluted mineralised water.
# All MineCom devices utilise MineCom’s proprietary leaky feeder terminal & saddle connections. Coaxial connectors will cause
higher losses & voltage drops, when used with this design of leaky feeder cable. The cable & the connection method have been
adopted specifically for mine & tunnel construction use, allowing for easy assembly underground, without the need for special
tools or skills.
Frequency: 5 to 500Mhz
Attenuation @ 160Mhz: 4.2dB/100m
Impedance: 75 ohm
DC Resistance inner conductor: <4.5 ohm/km
DC Resistance outer conductor: <4.1 ohm/km
Capacitance: 54pF/m
Insulation Resistance: >10.4Mohm/km
Minimum Static Bend radius: 150mm
Operating Temperature: -40 to +70degree C
Outer Sheath Diameter: 16.0mm +/- 0.3mm
Electrical Style Connections
Quick & Easy To Install

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