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PC – Power Coupling Series
PC – Power Coupling Series
• Voice, Data, Video capable
• Dual Power Input Terminals
• Terminal and Saddle connections
• Intrinsic Safe version
• IP66/NEMA4X enclosure
PC Power Coupler Module, is a passive device used to inject voltage into the
leaky feeder cable. The PC has been designed to isolate DC path of the leaky
feeder cable and inject voltage into the leaky feeder cable. The PC can be
used to inject a range of voltages into 12, 24 or 48 volts DC powered leaky
feeder systems. The PC has 3 PCB mounted DC input terminal posts –
• T1 RED + 12/24/48 volts DC UP link
• T2 RED + 12/24/48 volts DC DOWN link
• T3 BLACK - 12/24/48 volts DC (ground)
Should a leaky feeder cable fault appear on the DOWN link side of the PC it
will not effect the operation of the UP link path.
The PC utilises MineCom’s proprietary leaky feeder terminal and saddle
connections (rather than coaxial connectors which can cause higher losses
and voltage drops), designed for easy assembly underground without the need
for special tools or skills.
Frequency: VHF & UHF
Output to Output Isolation: -20dB Min
Insertion Loss: 0.5dB
Impedance: 75 ohm
Through Current Capacity: 1.5 amps Max
Power Requirements: None
DC Power Connections: Colour coded terminal posts
Leaky Feeder Connections: Proprietary - Brass Screw terminal
and Saddle (optional N type)
Enclosure: IP66/NEMA4X heavy duty enclosure
Weight & Dimensions: 1.0Kgs – 160(w) x 60(d) x 75(h) mm

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