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Technical Specifications

Size: [ in ] 1/2"
Max. operating frequency: [MHz] 2700
Cable Type: RLK
Jacket J: halogen free, non corrosive polyethylene
Test methods for fire behaviour of cable :
IEC 60754-1/-2 smoke emission: halogen free, non corrosive
Slot Design Groups of vertical slots at short intervals
Previous Model Number RLKU12-50J
Impedance [Ω] 50 +/-2
Relative propagation velocity [%] 88
Capacitance [pF/m (pF/ft)] 76 (23.2)
Inductance [μH/m (μH/ft)] 0.190 (0.058)
DC-resistance inner conductor [Ω/km (Ω/1000ft)] 2.0 (0.61)
DC-resistance outer conductor [Ω/km (Ω/1000ft)] 4.1 (1.25)
Outer Conductor Material Overlapping Copper Foil
Inner Conductor Material Copper Clad Aluminum Wire
Diameter over Jacket [mm (in)] 14.7 (0.58)
Diameter Outer Conductor [mm (in)] 11.4 (0.45)
Diameter Inner Conductor [mm (in)] 4.4 (0.17)
Minimum Bending Radius, Single Bend [mm (in)] 200 (7.9)
Cable Weight [kg/m (lb/ft)] 0.29 (0.20)
Max. tensile force [N (lb)] 1300 (292)
Indication of Slot Alignment Bulge atop slots
Storage temperature [°C (°F)] -70 to +85 (-94 to +185)
Installation temperature [°C (°F)] -25 to +60 (-13 to +140)
Operation temperature [°C (°F)] -40 to +85 (-40 to +185)
Stop bands [MHz] 650-750, 1330-1430, 2025-2100
Recommended / maximum clamp spacing [m (ft)] 0.5 (1.6)
Minimum Distance to Wall [mm (in)] 80 (3.15)
Length [m (ft)]
• Coupling loss as well as longitudinal attenuation of RADIAFLEX® cables are measured by the free space method according to IEC 61196-4.
• Coupling loss values are measured with a radial (below 650 MHz) or parallel (above 650 MHz) orientated dipole antenna.
• The coupling loss values given in brackets are average values of all three spatial orientations (radial, parallel and orthogonal) of dipole
• Coupling loss values are given with a tolerance of ±5 dB and longitudinal loss values with a tolerance of ±5%.
• In case of a conflict of operational and stop band, please contact RFS for further assistance.
• As with any radiating cable, the performance in building or tunnel environments may deviate from

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