Motorola Canopy 10Mbps Wireless Backhaul (35 Mile LOS)
2.4GHz (2400BHRFDD's) Complete Link

Technical Details: Canopy Part Number 2400BHRFDD

Description PTP 24100 Lite - High power, Reflector
Market Availability North America, South America, Asia
Signaling Rate 10 Mbps
Typical LOS Range 35 mi (56 km)
Typical Aggregate Useful Throughput 7.5 Mbps
Frequency range of band ISM 2400-2483.5 MHz
Non-overlapping Channels 3
Channel Width 20 MHz
Modulation Type High Index 2-level Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) optimized for interference rejection
Channel Spacing every 2.5 MHz
Encryption DES capable
Latency 2.5 msec
Carrier to Interference ratio (C/I) ~3dB @ 10 Mbps, ~10dB @ 20 Mbps at -65dBm
Nominal Receiver Sensitivity (dbm typical) -86 dBm
Antenna Gain (dB) 8 dB
Reflector Gain 11 dB
EIRP (dB) Adjustable
Equivalent Isotropic Radiated Power (EIRP) Adjustable to 12.0 W
DC Power (typical) 0.34 A @ 24 VDC = 8.2 W
Antenna Beam Width 3 dB antenna beam width 17 degrees, Azimuth and Elevation
Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) 40 yr
Temperature -40° C to +55° C (-40° F to +131° F)
Wind Survival 190 km/hr (118 miles/hr)
Dimensions Module: 11.75 in H x 3.4 in W x 3.4 in D (29.9 cm H x 8.6 cm W x 8.6 cm D). Passive Reflector: 18 inch H x 24 in W (45 cm H x 60 cm W)
Weight .45 kg (1 lb), 3.0 kg (6.5 lbs) with passive reflector
Access Method Time Division Duplex (TDD)
Interface 10/100 Base T, half/full duplex. Rate auto negotiated (802.3 compliant)
Protocols Used IPV4, UDP, TCP, ICMP, Telnet, HTTP, FTP, SNMP
Network Management HTTP, TELNET, FTP, SNMP Version 2c
Industry Canada Certification Number 109W-2400

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